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Brand: Canon | Category: Cheque Scanners


Professional high-speed cheque scanners that are perfect for banks counter-top use.

Compact design high-speed scanning
Quickly scan up to 120 or 150 cheques per minute with these highly compact devices – ideal for customer service desks – using accurate magnetic and optical reading and include endorsement imprinters.

Smart UV scanning
The CR-120 UV includes built-in ultraviolet sensors for detecting anti-fraud patterns that prove cheques’ authenticity or highlighting surface rubbing that might indicate tampering. With UV scanning both the 200dpi greyscale image and a UV image of the cheque are captured simultaneously with no loss of speed.

Compact design high-speed scanning
The CR-120 and CR-150 series scanners are small but fast cheque scanning devices that sit conveniently on any counter-top where space is at a premium. As well as scanning up to 12000 cheques per day at rapid speeds of up to 120 and 150 per minute they also offer flexible space-saving options such as integrated magnetic swipe reader

High-precision double-sided cheque scanning
Both series of scanner employ precise magnetic ink character recognition (MICR) to read code line data and also capture greyscale images of both sides of each cheque. Powerful OCR software then reads the characters from the scanned image and cross-check them using a unique algorithm to ensure maximum accuracy.

Flexible bundled software for simple integration
You can easily integrate your CR-120 or CR-150 series cheque scanners with existing systems including virtual device environments using bundled software: Canon Scanning Utility Canon ISIS/ TWAIN driver and a Ranger Transport API driver. Application developers can also take advantage of the Canon CR software development kit (SDK) tocreate custom capabilities.

Effortless imprinting
There is a built-in imprinter that enables quick and easy print endorsement on the back of cheques while they are being scanned. Up to five lines of 60-character text as well as high quality bitmap images can be printed in a single motion ensuring no loss of overall cheque scanning speed.

Scan type Cheque
Duplex Scanning Yes
Colour Grey
Interface USB
Duty cycle 12000 scans/day
Dimensions W x D x H 170 x 239 x 204 mm
Weight 3.5 Kg