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Brand: LG | Category: Commercial Displays

65 65EJ5E Display

Artistic Space Beyond Display

This sophisticated wallpaper OLED signage achieves the best possible picture quality concealing its presence by blending in with the wall. Minimal space is required for installation which simplifies the construction process.

Unrivaled Picture Quality

Perfect Black

Limitless contrast and the deepest blacks
Self-lighting pixels switch off completely to reproduce absolutes blacks with no light bleed offering infinite contrast

Unrivaled Picture Quality

Perfect Color

Accurate & stable color reproduction Self-lighting pixels bring colors to life with superb accuracy.

Unrivaled Picture Quality

Perfect Viewing Screen

Wide viewing angle

LG OLED Signage delivers awe-inspiring picture quality across the entire screen even from wide viewing angles.

Ultimate Elegance of Design

Perfect Design

LG’s OLED technology unlocks the new worlds of design flexibility with unbelievably lightweight and slim display. The advantages the OLED display brings are countless from the easier installation to a sleek look.

Ultimate Elegance of Design

Hide in Plain Sight

The subtle edge of the wallpaper OLED totally blends in with the wall giving audiences the sensation that content is being played directly within the wall itself. Integrating with and adding to a luxurious interior design the wallpaper OLED is an effective method for delivering advertisements and information.

Realizing an Immersive View

N×N Expandable Screen Size

By tiling up displays horizontally and vertically the screen size can be as large as users want. Expansive large screens are more effective at moving viewers by providing an incredibly immersive viewing experience.

Realizing an Immersive View

LAN Daisy Chain Management

A LAN daisy chain allows you to execute commands to control and monitor the screens and even update their firmware.

Easy Installation

Wall Fixers Optimized for Simple Tiling

The overall installation process of the wallpaper OLED has gotten much easier. Once the dedicated wall fixers are driven into a wall a display can be easily hung on them. Video wall tiling has become more convenient thanks to its front installation feature which departs from the conventional side-sliding method.

Easy Installation

Enhanced Flexibility of Cables

As a result of in-depth consideration of usage scenarios improvements have been made to the flexibility of common cables connecting the display to the signage box. These new cables are pliable enough to be easily embedded in a wall or other structures.

Screen Size 65 Inch
Colour Black
Brightness 400 cd/m2
Operation (Hours / Days) 12/7
Orientation Landscape / Portrait
Resolution 3840 x 2160 Pixels
4K UHD Yes
Response time 1 ms
Aspect ratio 16:9
Operating temperature range (T-T) 0 – 40
USB port 2
Dimensions W/O Stand (W x H x D) 1445 x 822.6 x 6 mm
Weight W/O Stand 13.5 Kg
Energy Class A
Warranty 3 Years