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    Brand: Yamaha Commercial | Category: Amplifiers

    Get Serious About Your Sound

    The new EMX7 and EMX5 were designed specifically for musicians performers or public speakers who put a premium on sound quality and convenient operation and are ready to take their sound reinforcement to the next level. Despite their compact construction only speakers and a microphone are required to configure a fully functioning extremely portable and reliable sound system with all the tools you need to mix process and deliver your audio just the way you want anywhere you want.

    Powerful & High Efficiency Class-D Amplifier
    The EMX7 and EMX5 models feature a built-in high-efficiency power amplifier of 2 x 710W and 2 x 630W of output power respectively. Despite their low power consumption these amps are capable of very high volume output yet still manage to remain surprisingly lightweight. Both models also come equipped with an onboard overload protection function to improve reliability and prolong component life and performance quality.

    Robust But Extremely Portable Design
    The EMX7 and EMX5 benefit from a robust and portable design with a rugged impact-resistant powder-coated metal chassis geared towards extended operation and road usage. Large handles on the front and back of the enclosure make it extremely portable and also help to protect knobs and terminals on the surface of the chassis from impact or pressure during transport.

    Easy Setup Easy Operation
    With their intuitive user-friendly architecture the EMX7 and EMX5 can be setup and operated quickly and easily by users with a fundamental understanding of sound reinforcement. Their versatile enclosure design allows users to choose from a variety of vertical or horizontal placements depending on the type of application. From a tabletop floor or installation environment no matter used on a tabletop or from a seated position with the mixer placed on the floor.

    Complete Range of Input & Output Channels
    Both the EMX7 and EMX5 are equipped with four mono input channels and four mono/stereo input channels allowing up to 8 microphones and line-level devices such as keyboards and portable playback device to be connected to each channel. In addition channel 4 can be used with Hi-Z inputs to connect instruments such as guitars or basses directly. Each model is also equipped with 2 AUX SEND connections for a monitoring system or external effect devices REC OUT unbalanced RCA pin output jacks to connect an external recorder and STEREO OUT TRS phone jacks to output the mixed stereo signal.