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    Brand: Fujitsu | Category: Network Document Scanners

    N7100EA A4 Network Document Scanner

    The N7100 network scanner helps maximise business efficiency by allowing every staff member to speedily digitise everyday documents
    and facilitate the use and transmission of paperwork all around the company. It is perfectly suited to any environment where space is limited
    such as an office in the corridor or any customer facing environment due to its compact nature and quiet operation.

    Built on the success proven software architecture and usability concept of the Fujitsu network scanner family the N7100 is ideal for large
    enterprises and SMEs alike. Essentially the N7100 can help companies who have a requirement for a scanner that is simple and intuitive in operation and where any number of users can scan save and transfer their data without the need for an additional computer.

    Built for easy and intuitive digitisation

    The N7100 comes equipped with a large 8.4” high resolution XGA (1024 x 768 pixels) touchscreen and an integrated on screen keyboard (USB potential for added keyboard. Additionally and based on login credentials a variety of standardised scanning sequences as well as individually customised ‘Job Menus’ can be set up and geared around the requirements of an individual user a user group or a complete department. This customisation can help establish an instant and secure control of any scanning settings and destinations to which information should be routed.

    The N7100 is equipped with a highly reliable and advanced paper feeding mechanism that can support the scanning of a wide variety of everyday documents whether it be invoices contracts delivery notifications or remittance slips. This feeding system based on technology derived from high-end high-volume scanning devices is based on a combination of feed and brake rollers which ensures that mixed batches of documents ranging in thickness from 40 to 209 g/m2 and even embossed plastic cards can be reliably scanned and processed instantly. A 50 page automatic document feeder (ADF) can accommodate paper sizes up to A4 in size and even embossed cards.

    Avoid unnecessary waiting times

    The N7100 offers an impressive start up time simple one button operability and feeding speeds of 25 pages per minute (ppm) that generate 50 images per minute (ipm) at 300 dpi from double sided paper documents. Additionally this scanner provides intelligent scanning features and automated image processing functions such as Automatic Colour Detection Automatic Orientation Blank Page Removal Auto Deskew and Marker Index. These all help contribute to more efficient document processing day after day.

    The powerful CPU and GI processor work in combination with embedded PaperStream IP image enhancement technology and facilitate a
    near-instant view of resulting scans even when scanning larger volume batches and applying more demanding image enhancement as well as text recognition routines. It is possible to completely capture and store 50 double sided documents in less than 2 minutes.

    Instant distribution and collaboration

    The N7100 not only provides for just scanning but actually immediately adds value to scanned data. This is achieved through a variety of ‘scan to’ processes that combine several steps of document capture all the way through to the final release of the image data to a pre-determined destination. This could be distribution to a network folder an email address a network fax to reduce transmission costs a network printer thereby performing like a photocopier an FTP server so using the internet to transmit or directly into a collaboration platform to address enterprise content management requirements.

    Resilient security features

    Despite the N7100 being a shared device by nature it is a highly secure device armed with advanced security features.

    • Login authentication strictly limits access to and extent of use of the scanner
    • Access control peripherals like fingerprint sensors magnetic swipe card readers and PalmSecure user identification solutions can be attached
    • Scanned data can be output as password-protected PDF files
    • Any image and usage data transmission can be directed through secure socket layers (SSL)

    Any data scanned is immediately encrypted and held in temporary memory while it is being processed and prepared for transmission to its final destination. The N7100 then automatically deletes any image data from its internal memory.

    When the N7100 is initialised free regions of the internal memory can be overwritten with completely random meaningless data and as an added security measure a new encryption key is generated after any user information is deleted. All of this ensures that no trace of old user data can be retrieved from open memory.

    Manage from a single location

    The Scanner Central Admin server and console software enable Fujitsu scanners to be managed and maintained from a single location to minimise scanner downtime anywhere on the global system. This enables centralised set up customisation monitoring and initiation of exception handling for up to 1000 network scanners distributed amongst several locations managed under the same domain. Even feeding log data into third party network management tools is supported.


    The N7100 satisfies the digitising needs in larger scale networks as well as in environments where more basic file servers and e-mail servers are deployed. It is right at home with more complex LDAP/LDAPS authentication-based networks and allows for integration with Microsoft Exchange Servers FTP servers third party applications and portal and collaboration platforms.

    An SDK is available for the N7100 to further meet the needs of your business. This SDK will enable developing a connector to a preferred third-party application may that be a DMS ECM BPM or ERP system. This connector in turn is uploaded to the N7100 and then acts as a one button door opener into the productive target systems. The SDK additionally provides for utilising IC readers attached to the network scanner’s USB port.

    Scan type ADF
    Scan speed (black normal quality A4) 25 ppm
    Duplex Scanning Yes
    Colour Black
    Dimensions W x D x H 300 x 232 x 172 mm
    Weight 6 Kg