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    Brand: Fujitsu | Category: Departmental Document Scanners

    Fi-7700S A3 Departmental Document Scanner

    The fi-7700S allows you to scan A4 landscape documents at 75 ppm (200/300 dpi). The scanner is suitable for continuous scanning because it allows you to load up to 300 sheets at a time which improves efficiency when scanning a large volume of documents. In addition various types of documents such as thin paper plastic cards books magazines envelopes and long page documents can be scanned on this scanner.

    Stable and smooth scanning of large volumes and various types of documents

    Mechanism for stable paper feeding and ejecting that prevents document damage and paper mis-feeds

    • Scan various types of business documents with a single scanner – The straight paper path design provides reliable scanning regardless of the condition and type of paper.

    The Paper Picking Control function observes each document’s movement and controls the pressure put on the papers that are set on the chute making smooth continuous feeding possible.

    By simply changing the feed mode to Manual/Single mode you can easily scan thick documents such as drawings folded in half multi-layered receipts and envelopes with the same straight paper path operation.

    • Protect important information by preventing missing edges and document damage – Skew Reducer helps improve the feeding performance significantly and prevents a scanned image from missing an edge.

    Paper Protection function minimizes the risk of document damage and protects your important documents by detecting anomalies in sound and document length.

    Design that meets the user’s needs
    The fi-7700S helps improve the efficiency of operations by providing a variety of functions that make scanning easier for the user.

    • Fully utilize allocated space with its flexible design – The scanner is equipped with an ADF that can slide to the right or left or rotate 180 degrees. A user can load documents easily for scanning by adjusting the ADF to suit the user's office or workspace environment.

    The operational panel is equipped with an LCD to easily check the status of the scanner.

    • Reduce the workload before and after scanning from setting to collecting documents – When setting documents you can easily align the edges of the documents with independent Side Guides even if the size of each document varies.

    Stacker Side Guides reduce the time and effort required for aligning and putting away documents after a scan by preventing scanned documents from being unevenly stacked or aligned.

    The Cover-open Cropping function automatically recognizes the document’s size even when the cover is opened and eliminates the hassle of opening and closing the cover when consecutively scanning documents.

    Connect your business workflow with PaperStream IP and PaperStream Capture
    The PaperStream IP scanner driver which supports TWAIN/ISIS avoids the inconvenience of fine settings adjustment for OCR processes. It automatically converts the images into exceptionally clean images accelerating OCR even when scanning wrinkled or soiled documents or documents with a background pattern. With an intuitive interface PaperStream Capture allows you to feed information into your organization's workflow through various capture features during batch scanning effectively and efficiently.

    Barcode recognition automatic sorting and indexing
    You can focus on routine tasks (batch scanning) and configure the scanner to create folders that are divided with barcodes or patch codes as well as automatically sort scanned images to save or index them. The automatic selection of a scanning mode according to patch codes allows you to load a mixed batch of documents with different types of documents at the same time. The usability for an administrator and a user is taken into consideration for image processing which has made simple operations possible and has improved productivity so that less work is required for a user to sort scanned images.

    Utilize advanced optional capture software: PaperStream Capture Pro
    A high-quality front end scanning software PaperStream Capture Pro enhances Fujitsu fi Series’ superior scanning abilities with an improved feature set that includes options for high level data extraction and indexing the import of electronic images and support for multi-station licensing. PaperStream Capture Pro offers cost-effective improvement tools such as PaperStream IP for optimized image capture. As a distributed capture model this scanner software captures your data without added costs and resources. This solution benefits organizations and departments that require an efficient yet easy way to convert paper documents into a digital file for high level data indexing and extraction. Improve records management processes and drive down business expenses with PaperStream Capture Pro.

    • Fast scanning — up to 75 ppm in color or monochrome landscape
    • Paper chute capacity up to 300 sheets
    • Capable of handling various thicknesses and sizes
    • Paper Protect function which protects against paper jams by detecting anomalies in sound (iSOP: Intelligent Sonic Paper Protection) and document length
    • Flexible design and LCD panel for easy operation
    • Independent Side Guides for easily aligning mixed size documents
    • Comes with PaperStream IP (TWAIN/ISIS) PaperStream Capture and PaperStream Capture Pro is available as an option.

    Scan speed (colour full page colour normal quality A4) 75 ppm
    Scan speed (black normal quality A4) 75 ppm
    Interface USB
    Colour White
    Dimensions W x D x H 706 x 500 x 345 mm
    Weight 35 Kg
    Warranty 1 Year