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    Brand: Sharp | Category: Interactive Displays

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    Being able to share information effortlessly with a highly responsive interactive display that allows group work at the screen can significantly enhance collaborative working and learning

    The Sharp PN-86HC1/75HC1/70HC1E/65HC1 BIG PAD smart interactive display enables ultra clear ‘4K Reading‘ of detailed 4K screen data and makes presenting really easy with an intuitive Pen-on-Paper user experience. It also has the tools you need for eff ortless productivity such as an integrated System
    on Chip (SoC) PC with launcher whiteboard overlay and wireless functionality.

    It is the ideal choice for environments that require quick responsive operation a more ergonomically comfortable resolution and a range of smart collaboration features. Whether you are teaching and training working in a meeting room or reviewing detailed documents it is great for enabling more eff ective learning promoting idea sharing and encouraging group interactivity.

    See more clearly
    It can sometimes be a challenge to keep everyone in a classroom or a meeting focused and engaged. So the PN-86HC1/75HC1/70HC1E/65HC1 BIG PAD lets you display create and collaborate with ease and precision – and keeps everyone “eyes up”.

    As well as off ering a choice of 86” 75” 70” and 65” screen sizes to suit any type of room it features a true 3840 x 2160 Ultra High Definition (UHD) 4K resolution display and touchscreen. The high contrast and visual clarity of its LCD technology is optimised for 4K reading and presentation so you can see even the finest details with great clarity.

    A real natural experience

    The Sharp PN-86HC1/75HC1/70HC1E/65HC1 BIG PAD provides a really natural feeling Pen-on-Paper experience. Writing on the screen using the passive pen stylus or your finger is just as easy as writing with a real pen on paper so you can quickly highlight and annotate key information. It’s perfect for fast
    moving discussions or interactive training sessions. You can also easily explore very detailed and technical information such as architectural drawings graphic designs and scientific or engineering data.

    Its Infrared (IR) touch technology is the industry benchmark for a fast accurate and responsive touch experience. With a 100Hz Touch Sampling rate it enables smooth annotation and an instantaneous response with minimised latency or delay. You can also enjoy much more intuitive control with its gesture
    support for smooth pinching zooming and rotating and an easy to use and comfortable passive pen stylus. And to enable much greater interactivity it provides multi-user support with up to 20-point* multi-touch.

    As a result it:

    • Builds confidence – students and meeting participants can easily view and interact with information so they are more engaged and willing to contribute to discussions and can learn more eff ectively.

    • Increases productivity – the highly responsive technology allows users to focus on delivery and content with no technical distractions.

    • Improves collaboration – users can easily work together as a group straightaway with no training which encourages more user engagement and interactivity.

    A flexible way to teach.

    Having the freedom to quickly and easily share the right information in the right way is essential to keeping people fully engaged in highly interactive meetings training sessions or class rooms.

    The Sharp PN-86HC1/75HC1/70HC1E/65HC1 BIG PAD’s Open Architecture ensures maximum flexibility and freedom of use in educational and corporate settings. It includes a wide choice of integration options that let you display almost any type of content. So you can boost collaboration enhance the visual
    impact or simply increase lesson eff ectiveness without being hampered by any unnecessary technical complexity.

    In particular it can connect to any type of PC source with a 4K resolution or any type of 4K video content player with HDMI output.

    Or for maximum ease of use it can be wirelessly attached to any smart Windows and Android mobile device without any trailing cables bulky add-on peripherals or unsightly power supplies. The inclusion of an OPS slot also provides a straightforward way to extend the BIG PAD’s functionality with third-party add-ons and solutions.

    Enhanced interactivity & learning

    The Sharp Pen soft ware allows several people to write on the same screen at the same time giving that greater engagement and teamwork in meetings or the classroom. The user interface incorporates a menu comprising smartly arranged icons that provide easy access to pen settings and functions.

    SHARP Pen soft ware

    Provides quick and easy access to pen settings and other useful functions. It allows you to add onscreen annotations or graphics directly onto photos videos PDFs and common Microsoft ® files. You can also control presentations adjust the screen set-up and store or email any files you have
    been working on. Enhanced functions are available through additional licensing options (PN-SU01).

    Altogether more choice

    The PN-HC1 models come ready with a range of pre-installed collaborative tools and applications such as Whiteboarding Wireless Sharing and a Media Player ready to help you easily get started in any session.

    Complete mounting solutions

    The Sharp PN-86HC1/75HC1/70HC1E/65HC1 BIG PAD can be easily mounted in a choice of ways: The Peerless flat panel mobile stand provides
    effortless manoeuvrability and flexible tilt and height adjustment as well as integrated cable management. So you can use it almost anywhere to deliver highly professional presentations and training.

    The Peerless universal flat wall mount has a low-profile design and versatile fittings and mounting options so it can be quickly neatly and securely installed. And its easy horizontal and vertical adjustment ensure you can always find the perfect display position.

    Simply all you need.

    Running an impactful and interactive teaching or training session doesn’t have to be a technological challenge.

    The Sharp PN-86HC1/75HC1/70HC1E/65HC1 BIG PAD includes an integrated System on Chip PC so you can quickly and easily utilise a range of tools and applications* to enable more eff ective ways of teaching and encourage collaborative learning.

    In particular you can:
    • Easily playback
    images and video with an integrated Media Player app.
    Annotate directly on any other external PC or video signal with overlay mode** where you can write on-screen annotations directly onto photos videos and document.
    Screen share any audio or video files directly from up to 4 smart mobile devices using the EShare app and the Sharp BIG PAD’s integrated wireless connectivity.
    Brainstorm with an easy to use Whiteboard app that does not require any additional PC equipment and save your work to a USB stick.

    Without having to buy or set-up any additional equipment you can introduce a whole new level of dynamic interactivity and engaging multimedia to classrooms or meetings – so everyone stays more engaged and is able to learn and work more effectively.

    Fast intuitive controls

    Everything you need to adjust and optimise the performance of the Sharp PN-86HC1/75HC1/70HC1E/65HC1 BIG PAD is in easy reach with its full bezel button controls. You can quickly turn it on or off and directly adjust the volume.

    One-touch buttons

    The Touch OSD (on screen display) menu provides simple and intuitive access to other frequently used functions and settings such as brightness contrast language selection and more.

    Freeze button (a)

    A press of this button lets you temporarily freeze or unfreeze the screen. While the display continues to show a paused onscreen image you can stop and explain your point.

    Input button (b)

    At the touch of a button a list of inputs appears on-screen. You can then instantly select the input terminal you want.

    Front terminals

    These make it easy to access teaching materials or other content stored on sources connected via HDMI™ and USB.

    Such easy-to-use controls are vital to the eff ective running of a class as teachers and trainers are not distracted by the technology so they can focus on delivering the content and the needs of their students.

    The BIG PAD’s role as a learning aid is unmistakable and it can also make a fantastic contribution to many working environments. But as it is designed to complement traditional teaching methods teachers can easily direct students’ attention away from the screen and back to their individual work whenever they want.

    Screen Size 65 Inch
    Market Education / Corporate
    Colour Black
    Resolution 3840 x 2160
    Technology IR
    HDMI 1
    Viewing angle horizontal 178 °
    Viewing angle vertical 178 °
    Contrast ratio (typical) 4000:1
    Display brightness 350 cd/m2
    Response time 8 ms
    Number of Touch Points 20
    Maximum operating temperature range (T-T) 5 – 35C
    Operating relative humidity range 20% – 80%
    Speakers 2 x 10W
    Compatible with VESA-wall mounting system 600 x 400 mm
    Dimensions W x D x H 1505 x 903 x 91 mm
    Weight 45 Kg
    Product includes AC power cord remote control unit remote control unit battery (AAA size) x 2 set-up manual blank sticker cable clamp x 3 USB cable pen tray SHARP Pen software (CD-ROM) touch pen x 2 wireless adapter