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    Brand: Sharp | Category: Commercial Displays

    65 PNHW651 Display

    Clearly a better choice

    Enhance almost any professional environment with the outstanding 4K Ultra HD clarity of Sharp’s PN-HW displays. They offer a wide range of screen sizes and flexible installation methods including standalone operation making them the ideal choice for both retail and corporate organisations

    With Sharp’s PN-HW professional displays you can enjoy the perfect combination of slim and stylish design and crystal clear pictures. So you can get your message across loud and clear wherever it needs to be seen.

    Their true 4K Ultra HD (3840 x 2160) resolution is four times the resolution of 1080p Full HD. It means on-screen content including movies and still images is rendered in superbly realistic detail and depth.

    This is further enhanced by innovative LED backlighting which ensures vivid colours and boosted contrast for sharper text and beautifully textured graphics.

    This exceptional clarity means that everything is optimised for reading and displaying complex information in professional specialised applications such as CAD or air traffic control. In addition the screens are ideal for film and broadcasting as
    the white balance brightness and colour temperature can be optimised in these environments.

    More life-like colour

    With the PN-HW displays you can enjoy a more accurate and realistic representation of images on-screen. Their 10Bit colour
    depth provides a wider colour gamut so you can see a greater range of colours.

    It makes them the perfect solution for when you need to ensure precise and attention-grabbing communications with any audience in any indoor venue such as premium retail locations executive boardrooms reception areas or other public spaces.

    Better looking by design

    You want whatever you are showing on screen to look great but why not make sure that your entire display looks good too! The slim and lightweight design of Sharp’s PN-HW professional displays ensures that they are easy to install wherever you need them but will also exquisitely enhance any space.

    In fact their impressively sleek and elegant look with its stylish cabinet design makes them the perfect way to enhance a wide variety of locations – from the most sophisticated corporate meeting rooms and reception areas to high traffic retail environments.

    With sizes ranging from 43” up to 86” you can select the most suitable display for your particular needs or operating space.

    Bigger size bigger impact

    Wherever you use these displays it’s debatable which will grab your audience’s attention first – the stylish design or the eye-catching ultra clear picture quality. Especially as you can create a huge impact with life sized images of people or showcase all manner of content using the larger format 75” and
    86” screen sizes.

    Bring content to life – fast

    Multimedia presentations should deliver a compelling audio and visual experience. With the PN-HW’s built-in speakers support for USB playback and range of connectivity it’s easy to create digital signage and displays that make a real impact

    Nowadays people expect a much more interactive experience in almost every aspect of their lives. The static images and silent video traditionally used in commercial displays are no longer enough to attract and retain the attention of more technologically savvy consumers.

    So with Sharp’s PN-HW range of 4K professional displays you can combine video and audio to present your content in an ideal way. They include 10W + 10W speakers
    that automatically enhance any multimedia content without having to spend time effort or money on connecting and configuring external speakers.And because
    they are fully integrated they also save space and add to the sleek modern look of your displays.

    Easily play any content

    A built-in USB media player provides an easy way to display slideshows of 4K Ultra HD photos or play Full HD videos and music – without any extra hardware or unsightly cabling. So there’s no need to buy and connect a PC to run the media or spend time learning how to use specialist software applications. Simply plug in a USB stick and you’re ready to go!

    Simply more control

    All of your displays can be easily controlled and monitored from a single PC or laptop in a central location thanks to their integrated LAN and RS-232C interfaces. They allow you to adapt how you use the displays to suit your own control systems. Each display is also fitted with three HDMI inputs so you can readily switch between sources.

    Make life simple

    When you’re working you need your technology to be working to. And it should be easy to set up and use in the best way to support your particular needs

    Sharp’s PN-HW range of professional displays are designed for continuous use during normal retail and business hours and in other high demand environments. Their 16/7 operation
    means they will deliver your content with outstanding clarity and precision over long periods. They are ideal for promoting products and services or communicating information in a
    wide range of professional settings including meeting rooms reception areas and retail signage.

    And thanks to their outstanding energy efficiency you can just leave them on without using lots of power and running up large bills.

    Your message your way

    You can choose to install the PN-HW displays in either landscape or portrait mode to suit whatever type of content you want to show and to ensure they blend in with their surroundings. Create stunning visual posters in portrait mode or dazzle your audience with ultra realistic films or images.

    If you prefer not to use a conventional wall mounting you also have the freedom to deploy them as a stand-alone display. So you can quickly present the right information in the right way at the right time and create a real impact in almost any location such as a hotel foyer or customer service desk. It’s also provides the perfect solution for historic buildings or hard-to-access places where standard fittings and cabling are not possible.

    Screen Size 65 Inch
    Colour Black
    Brightness 350 cd/m2
    Operation (Hours / Days) 16/7
    Contrast ratio (typical) 4000:1
    Resolution 3840 x 2160 Pixels
    4K UHD Yes
    Response time 8 ms
    Built-in speakers Yes
    Speakers 2 x 10W
    Operating temperature range (T-T) 0 – 40
    HDMI 3
    USB port 1
    Dimensions W/O Stand (W x H x D) 1458 X 835 X 82 mm
    Weight 27.5 Kg