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Brand: SMART | Category: Interactive Whiteboards

87 SBX885 Interactive Whiteboard

Giving you 20 percent more working space than a standard interactive whiteboard and ideal for classrooms that use widescreen laptops and monitors the SMART Board X885 is an 87 interactive whiteboard with a 16:10 aspect ratio that supports multi-user writing and common multi-touch gestures currently recognized in Microsoft® Windows 7 and Mac Snow Leopard operating systems. SMART Notebook™ collaborative learning software supports many features such as freestyle interaction touch gestures and full object awareness.

As a powerful multi-touch interactive whiteboard it enables two users to simultaneously interact on the system’s surface while using different tools or their fingers to write draw and manipulate lesson content. The interactive whiteboard doesn’t have restricted user areas or a separate multi-user mode so collaborative opportunities are always at your fingertips.

The touch gesture capabilities of this whiteboard makes it easy for you to toss rotate or zoom in on lesson content or control applications in Windows® 7 or Snow Leopard operating systems. A user can also independently write with a pen erase with a palm or move objects with a finger – there’s no need to access on-screen menus. Furthermore it has a modular design making it easy to add additional technology and accessories like SMART projector controls.

The interactive whiteboard also integrates with the SMART Document Camera™ and SMART Response™ interactive response systems. Accessories such as the SMART mobile floor stand and wireless Bluetooth® connection mean that you can incorporate the 800 series into a variety of learning environment

Screen Size 87 Inch
Market Education / Corporate
Colour White
Aspect ratio 16:10
Technology DViT
Maximum operating temperature range (T-T) 5 – 35
Operating relative humidity range 10% – 80%
Dimensions W x D x H 1994 x 1356 x 165 mm
Weight 27.2 Kg
Warranty 2 Years
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