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    Brand: Sony | Category: PTZ Cameras

    Sony SRG-XP1W

    Product Overview
    Easily shoot and stream high-quality 4K 60p video with this space-saving point-of-view remote camera that covers the whole room with its wide field of view.

    The SRG-XP1 POV (point of view) camera offers an accessible entry point into the world of 4K video production. It's ideal for 'unattended' video streaming in environments including e-sports venues and reality TV shows classrooms meeting space and hospital operating rooms where it can also serve as a high-quality secondary camera.

    Compact dimensions and simple installation make the SRG-XP1 ideal for multi-camera setups with no need for dedicated camera operators. It can be used on walls ceilings tripods and shelves as well as space-limited locations where it's costly or impractical to install large numbers of full-size cameras.

    The wide angle lens covers a generous over-102° (with distortion correction: 85°) field of view (horizontal) allowing the camera to see an entire subject even from very close range. It can also capture the entire audience in a classroom or auditorium—even from tricky positions where it's hard to install an ordinary room camera.
    Streaming video power and camera control signals are all carried over a standard Ethernet cable reducing installation costs and simplifying integration in today's IP networked production environments.

    Product Key Features
    Robust Stylish and Compact
    Measuring just 2.02 x 2.85 x 4.79 inches and weighing 0.92 lb the SRG-XP1 can be readily integrated into any environment. Upper and lower tripod mounts increase installation flexibility. Rear panel guards assure extra robustness and the large easy-to-read tally lamp is useful in multiple-camera setups.

    Wide Field of View
    The wide angle lens covers a generous over-102° (with distortion correction: 85°) field of view (horizontal). As well as accommodating the presenter's entire face or body from close range without cropping it can also cover the entire room ensuring that everyone is visible in the frame.

    Multiple Streaming Outputs
    Streaming video available over HDMI Ethernet and USB 3.0 interfaces offers even greater operational flexibility.

    Easy IP Connectivity Single-Cable Installation
    Camera control PoE and streaming video output are carried over a single Ethernet cable reducing installation costs and simplifying integration in space-restricted or hard-to-reach locations. Full IP integration includes support for Real Time Streaming Protocol (RTSP) and Real Time Messaging Protocol (RTMP). Support for NDI ®HX is also available via an optional license.

    High Quality 4K 60p Images
    The camera's large 1/1.8-type Exmor R CMOS sensor captures smooth crisply detailed 4K 60p video with excellent low-light sensitivity. 

    Audio Input
    Connect an external microphone or line-level source to capture clear pictures with sound in lecture theaters and meeting rooms or on reality TV shows.

    Broadcast-Style Tally Light
    The camera-mounted tally light gives visual confirmation to the lecturer or presenter when the camera is active. The horizontal-bar-style light is easily visible to both performer/presenter and director.

    Colour White
    Resolution 3840 x 2160
    Desktop or Ceiling Mountable Ceiling & Desktop
    Interface HDMI 2.0 / Ethernet USB 3.0
    Optical zoom NA x
    Digital zoom 4 x
    Dimensions W x D x H 51.3 x 121.7 x 72.4 mm
    Warranty 3 Years standard repair
    Field of View 100°
    Frame rate 59.94
    Camera shutter speed 1/8 – 1/10000 Seconds