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    Brand: Sony | Category: Interactive Tablets

    TEB-10XPL/W Android Tablet

    Tablets for TEOS
    Highspecification Android tablet optimised for corporate applications.

    Product Overview
    Power At Your Fingertips
    Available in a choice of four screen sizes these tabletsare a stylish addition to boardrooms huddle spaces meetingrooms and reception areas and make iteasy to controlsignage applications. The 7” and 10” makeperfect partners for room booking and meeting room management while the 15” and22” are ideally matched forvirtual reception applications. Each durably styled tablet features a powerful processor and capacitive touchscreen to assure smooth 24/7 responsive operation. There’s a wide range of networking options andpower over Ethernet(7”10”and15”models) simplifies installation with no need for ACpower outlets and additional cabling.

    Product Features
    Simple Installation
    No AC power outlets* and standard VESA for wall-mounts.

    Clear Bright Screen
    Thetablet’s high-qualityIPSpanel offers a crispclear view of meeting information.

    Reliable 24/7 Operation
    This commercial-grade Android tablet isoptimisedfor the rigoursof corporate and B2B applicationsallowingreliable 24/7 operation.

    Speedy ResponsiveOperation
    Thetablet’s powerful processor ensures smooth responsive operation.

    Multi-PointCapacitive Touchscreen
    Thehigh-quality touch enabled display supports multi-touch operation allowing extra flexibility in gesturalcontrol.

    Versatile Connectivity Options
    Connect to corporate networks viaLANor Wi-Fi. Use the USB port to install applications or perform systemupdates.

    Power Over Ethernet
    Support for PoE (PoweroverEthernet) simplifiesinstallation and reduces additional cabling requirements.

    Flexible VESA Mounting
    Integral VESA mounting hardware simplifies secure permanent installationon awallor desktop.

    LCD Screen Size 10 Inch
    Colour White
    Memory 2GB
    Dimensions (W x H x D) 255 x 181 x 25 mm
    Weight 0.65 Kg