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    Brand: Ampetronic | Category: Assistive Listening

    The MLD5 is part of the new benchmark range for professional audio induction loop systems. The elegant sturdy units feature the most compact and most robust design on the market requiring only a single 19” rack mount.

    The MLD5 is capable of driving a wide variety of multiple loop configurations from multiple simple loops to phase shifted array systems for the most challenging requirements. With an Ampetronic MultiLoop™ Low Loss design the MLD5 will drive an area up to 360m2 or can be used to drive two perimeter looped areas of up to 420m2 each.

    Designed to provide optimum efficiency and ample current for standard compliant field strength coupled with unmatched voltage headroom to ensure crystal clear sound reproduction without clipping or distortion at practical loads. MLD units are built to our exacting standards and are backed by our 5 year warranty.

    The flexibility of Ampetronic MLD units allows each output channel to drive separate loops or two drive two overlaid loop patterns with or without the selectable phase shift between the two channels.

    Two separate simple area loops (or perimeter loops) can be driven at the same phase or with 90° phase shift. This can be used to cover large areas with no metal losses or multiple different areas in the same facility.

    Two loop layouts can be driven configured as multiple loop segments with or without phase shift. Simple array low loss array or low spill array designs can create different performance to optimise field strength
    over any area and minimise loop ‘spill’ for adjacent systems or for confidentiality.

    N.B. Ampetronic dual output amplifiers are designed to drive phased array hearing loop solutions. To ensure the systems perform to Standard MLD amplifiers are released for sale subject to a pre-approved system design quotation number from Ampetronic. If you do not have a system design please contact Ampetronic directly

    N.B If product is out of stock – usual delivery time 48 Hours

    Warranty 5 Years