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We provide two types of bridging services namely “managed” or “un-managed.” The important thing to find out is which service you should choose for your conference. There are many ways to answer that question. You can either read the short descriptions below which should give you a better understanding of what each service does. I don’t know about you but I like complex things to be explained to me in simple terms that relate directly to my situation. If that’s you click here and let us take the jargon out of something that really is quite simple when its explained in relative and simple terms.

Managed video conference bridging service
This service will enable secure high definition multipoint video conferences between multiple & mixed ISDN & IP based video conference systems. Clients use this service when there is a requirement for the connection to be monitored. Our operator will dial out to all sites, meet and greet, make announcements, support screen layout changes, data sharing and reconnect the call if a sites connection is dropped. In short this service enables its users to walk in to the room and have their meeting without the need to lift the remote.

In addition you can have your meeting recorded or streamed live to the internet via our web conferencing service. Your web based participants can contribute to the conference using our messenger interface and speak via our audio bridging service.

Un-managed video conference bridging service
This service will enable secure high quality multipoint video conferences between ISDN & IP based video conference systems, land line telephones, mobile phones, and 3G devices. As the name suggests this service has no operator assistance. You connect to our bridge using The IP address or ISDN number that will be issued when you sign up to our pay as you go or contract service.

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