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    Brand: Fujitsu | Category: Flatbed Scanners

    ScanSnap SV600

    • One touch operation for PC and Mac
    • Versatile scanning of everyday documents including loose paper bound material and delicate items
    • Instantly scan and crop multiple documents
    • Continuous scanning with page turning detection and timed scanning
    • VI technology minimises any unevenness in image quality
    • Book Image Correction; automatically corrects curvature and distortion of bound material
    • Small footprint robust design; easy to place in any environment

    Scan anything from business cards to A3 size landscape documents
    Any documents larger than A4 such as maps historical documents and blueprints can be simply positioned on the black pad and scanned directly without any extra effort. The user interaction retouch tool allows the possibility to hold the document in position without worrying about fingers showing on the scanned image

    No problem scanning bound documents
    The SV600 can scan books and magazines as well as documents with sticky notes on them with ease

    No need to worry about your delicate documents or books
    Scanning can be performed without touching the document. You do not need to worry that documents such as photos or oil paintings or in pencil or crayon will be damaged by being touched

    Automatically crop several documents* with “Multiple Document Detection”
    In just one touch you can capture multiple documents of differing sizes in just one scan. Place several business cards receipts and photos within the scanning area and the SV600 will capture all the documents and will intelligently crop to the exact size (*Up to 10 documents can be cropped automatically)

    Fast start up time and scanning speed lead to time savings and increased efficiency
    The SV600 is ready to scan from power up and just 3 seconds is then required to scan an A3 landscape sized document

    Compact design with a small footprint
    The SV600 is incredibly robust with a firm footing and is compact enough to enable efficient usage of your workspace without imposing on your daily routines when not in use

    Scan type Book Scanner
    Colour White
    Scan Speed – A4 Mono 3 Seconds per page
    Interface USB
    Scan Size A3
    Dimensions W x D x H 210 x 156 x 383 mm
    Weight 3 Kg
    Warranty 1 Year