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    Brand: Panasonic | Category: Projectors (Business)

    PT-RCQ10BEJ Projector

    Original Imaging Engines Boost Color and Detail

    Rich Color Harmonizer achieves accurate and vibrant color reproduction while Smooth Pixel Drive uses 1-axis pixel-wobbling to realize extra-high resolution

    Flexible Installation and Seamless Integration

    Outstanding extensibility with 4K input compatibility*3 optional SLOT NX interface boards a wide lens selection and upgraded Smart Projector Control app

    Excellent Reliability with Dust-Resistant Lasers

    Proven 1-Chip DLP™ SOLID SHINE dual-laser design has newly refined cooling system contributing to 20000-hour*4 maintenance-free operation

    *1 Measurement measuring conditions and method of notation all comply with ISO/IEC 21118: 2012 international standards. Value is average of all products when shipped.

    *2 Average light-output value of all shipped products measured at center of screen in NORMAL Mode.

    *3 4K input signals are resized to 2715 x 1697 pixels upon projection. (With Smooth Pixel Drive: ON)

    *4 At this time light output will have decreased by approximately 50 %. IEC62087: 2008 Broadcast Contents NORMAL Mode [Dynamic Contrast] set to [3] temperature 30 °C (86 °F) elevation 700 m (2297 ft) with 0.15 mg/m3 of particulate matter. Value will vary depending on environment and usage conditions. Parts other than the light source may require replacement in a shorter period. Panasonic recommends checkup at point of purchase after about 20000 hours.

    Original Imaging Engines Boost Color and Detail

    Rich Color Harmonizer exceeds the limits of conventional 1-Chip DLP™ image quality with a new color-filter design and proprietary processing that expands the ratio of red light used to create the image. Rich Color Harmonizer achieves a more accurate white balance for natural skin-tone expression smooth gradation and intensely vivid colors that burst from the screen.

    Clearer Sharper Images with Smooth Pixel Drive

    Smooth Pixel Drive is a new 1-axis pixel-wobbling system that produces detailed images beyond the projector’s panel resolution. It combines an original image processing engine optimized for single-axis pixel-wobbling with a thinner DMD aperture ratio boosting perceived resolution while smoothing jaggies sharpening text and clarifying detail resolving impressively with 4K input signals*. Your audience is treated to clear comfortable and easy-to-see images even from a distance.

    * 4K input signals are resized to 2715 x 1697 pixels upon projection. (With Smooth Pixel Drive: ON)

    Flexible Installation and Seamless Integration

    Supports 4K Signal Input

    The PT-RCQ10 Series supports uncompressed 4K signal input via HDMI® or DIGITAL LINK terminals streamlining playback of 4K sources and eliminating the need for video re-encoding. Combined with new Smooth Pixel Drive 1-axis pixel-wobbling technology support for Ultra HD signal playback creates highly detailed images beyond the projector’s panel resolution ideal for 4K sources that demand especially precise and detailed on-screen reproduction.

    Note: 4K input signals are resized to 2715 x 1697 pixels upon projection. (With Smooth Pixel Drive: ON

    High Extensibility with SLOT NX Interface Boards

    With a view towards application in the rental and staging arena as well as long-term deployments at museums exhibitions and theme parks the PT-RCQ10 Series supports swappable SLOX NX interface boards to suit your requirements. The optional boards comprise DisplayPort™ HDMI® 12G-SDI and DVI-D.

    Remote App with NFC Function*1 and Projector Auto-Focus via Device’s Camera

    Smart Projector Control app for Android™ and iOS now includes Near Field Communication (NFC) function to instantly pair smartphone to projector just by touching them together. Once linked the app accesses an information settings menu that’s readable and writable*2 for easy adjustment without turning on the projector. As well as showing data and allowing certain settings to be changed the app features an auto-focus function that uses the smartphone’s camera and app UI to achieve fast yet precise image focus.

    Smart Projector Control (Web Manual)

    Expanded Lens Lineup Opens New Creative Possibilities

    Eleven optional lenses cover any projection situation and are interchangeable with Panasonic 1-Chip DLP™ projectors in your inventory. The PT-RCQ10 Series is a perfect match for our ET-DLE020 Ultra-Short-Throw Zoom Lens. As the world’s first* UST lens with optical zoom technicians can work faster with wide-range image adjustment enabled by zoom and V/H lens-shift functions following installation. The mirrorless zero-offset lens combines with the projector’s compact body to enable front- or rear-projection in extremely small spaces in single or dual-stacked configuration.

    * As of February 2019. For 0.4:1 throw-ratio or less. According to internal research.

    Excellent Reliability with Dust-Resistant Lasers
    Filterless Projector Structure with Airtight Optical Block

    A refined heat-sink-based cooling system and dust-resistant projector structure open the door to hermetically sealed optics. Now impervious to dust air filters and associated maintenance are a thing of the past. This original filterless design contributes to 20000 hours* of maintenance-free operation useful when the projector is difficult to access.

    Engineered for Continuous 24/7 Projection

    Dual laser drive groups diodes into discrete modules. A redundancy circuit minimizes brightness- and color-uniformity loss should a laser diode fail.
    Combined with durable phosphor wheels and Eco modes that extend life even further the PT-RCQ10/RCQ80 can operate 24/7 for long periods. Potential applications include surveillance monitoring signage and public display.

    SOLID SHINE Laser Maintains Picture Quality for Longer

    Thanks to two long-lasting solid-state laser modules there are no lamps to replace and image color/brightness degrades very gradually in consistent linear fashion. As well as reducing maintenance hassle out-of-the-box picture quality is preserved for longer.

    Backup Input Setting Assures Picture Display

    Projectors switch instantaneously to a backup input signal should the primary input signal be disrupted* assuring image display is maintained at all times in venues such as control rooms and adding insurance at events where projection must not be interrupted.

    Multi Monitoring & Control Software and Early Warning Software

    Manage up to 2048 devices via network with convenient system map visualization and auto-search of unregistered devices. The free software is available with Early Warning functions (automatic free 90-day trial available*). These enable real-time monitoring abnormality detection and more.

    Other Features

    Dynamic Light Control for High Contrast

    Dynamic Light Control directly modulates laser output to achieve high contrast with less power consumption. Digitally controlled frame-by-frame scene-linking modulation ensures highly precise adjustment of light output while accurate contrast is delivered even when bright and dark scenes frequently interchange.

    Detail Clarity Processor 3

    This unique Panasonic circuitry optimizes the sharpness of each image based on information gathered from four frequency bands of the video signal. The resulting images are expressed with natural convincing realism.

    System Daylight View 3

    Panasonic’s premium System Daylight View 3 stops pictures washing out in bright light and enhances impact in mapping and multi-projector applications. It uses sensor information to adjust sharpness manipulate gamma curves and correct colors to suit on-site conditions.

    Single-Cable DIGITAL LINK Connection

    DIGITAL LINK transmits uncompressed video audio*1 and control commands through a single CAT 5e or higher STP cable for distances of up to 150 m (492 ft)*2. Optional DIGITAL LINK Switcher or Digital Interface Box further simplifies installation reduces cabling and associated costs and enhances reliability.

    *1 Audio transmission depending on model’s audio capability.

    *2 150 m (492 ft) transmission available only with ET-YFB200G DIGITAL LINK Switcher for signals up to 1080p.

    Separate LAN/DIGITAL LINK Terminals

    Separate terminals for LAN and DIGITAL LINK enhance versatility. Installers can assign 100Base-TX- and 10BaseT-compatible control signals via LAN terminal freeing up DIGITAL LINK for video.

    Data-Cloning Function

    Data-cloning function allows various settings and configuration data*1 to be copied from a master projector to up to 99 slave projectors*2. Alternatively the data can be cloned to slave projectors via LAN. This feature simplifies and expedites the setup process for multi-unit projection applications.

    Contrast Sync and Shutter Sync Function

    Contrast Sync function designed for multi-screen applications allows dynamic contrast control to be synchronized for consistent picture quality across screens. Shutter Sync meanwhile synchronizes shutter on/off timing.

    Multi-Screen Support System

    Optimally adjusts multiple screens with edge blending color matching and digital image enlargement.

    Edge Blending

    Edges of adjacent screens can be blended and their luminance controlled.

    Color Matching

    Corrects color reproduction variations of each projector via PC control software.

    Digital Image Enlarging

    Digital zoom up to 10X (H/V)*. Up to 100 units (10 x 10) can be edge-blended to create large multi-screen images.

    * While input resolution will not change maintaining image quality is not possible for images enlarged horizontally and vertically via the digital zoom function.

    Multi-Unit Brightness and Color Control

    Sensors detect color and brightness apparent on screen. Projectors automatically calibrate for a uniform multi-screen image adding a layer of convenience and cost saving for long-term events.

    Geometry Manager Pro Software and Upgrade Kits

    Download free Geometry Manager Pro software to expand geometric and multi-screen setup and calibration capabilities via PC. The suite includes two upgrade kits that can be optionally unlocked with paid key codes. ET-UK20 adds uniformity correction and extensive creative masking capabilities. ET-CUK10 features Auto Screen Adjustment which enables simultaneous setup (including curved-screen correction) of multiple projectors for multi-screen applications using a compatible camera. This streamlines edge-blending color-matching black-level stacking and brightness uniformity calibration.

    Compact Lightweight and Flexible Design

    Extracting even higher brightness from a projector that’s the same size as our award-winning PT-RZ120 the PT-RCQ10 Series is easy to handle and designed to reduce installation labor.

    Quick Start and Quick Off

    The laser light-source doesn’t require any time to warm up so images appear almost instantly with projectors equipped with Quick Start/Quick Off function. There’s also no cool-down period when turning the power off at the mains—the projector can be turned on and off any time as necessary.

    Brightness (Normal) 10000 ANSI Lumens
    Laser Yes
    Native resolution 1920 x 1200
    Aspect ratio WUXGA (16:10)
    Contrast ratio (typical) 10000:1
    Technology DLP
    Lamp Life 20000 Hours
    Lens Throw Ratio 1.71–2.41:1
    Network Capability Yes
    Wireless compliancy Yes
    USB 2.0 ports quantity 1
    HDMI ports quantity 1
    RS-232 interface 1
    DVI port 1
    Colour Black
    Dimensions W x D x H 498 x 581 x 200 mm
    Weight 24.2 Kg
    Lens Ratio Category Group Standard Throw (1 – 3:1)